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Treats for Class/Toys at School


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Happy Spring! As we move into the last stretch of the school year, we would like to clarify some issues that have come up recently.

Food/Treats Brought to School for Classroom

We want to clarify language in the Parent/Student Handbook on page 32 under the heading, “Special Observances at Underhill and Memorial.” Food sent into school can be very problematic for a variety of reasons. One reason relates to food allergies. A well-meaning parent wanting to bring food into a classroom may inform the teacher that they will make sure there are no nut products in the food. However, there are several types of allergies and other issues students may have with food. The classroom teacher cannot share this information, as it would violate student privacy. We understand that this is a big change from what many of us experienced in school as we grew up.

Please do not send in cupcakes or other treats for children in your child’s classroom, unless it is requested for an event such as our Fall Festival where we ask for very specific food items. (In this situation, parents of children with food issues are notified ahead of the event.)

It is very kind of people to want to provide something nice for our students, but food may cause a host of problems. We appreciate your understanding of our concerns for student well-being.

Toys at School

We are requesting that no toys come to school, unless they are secured in a backpack for afterschool/daycare programs. Balls and jump ropes may be used at school for recess, as long as it is understood that anything can happen to these items, such as going over a fence. Names should be on everything that comes to school.

Things such as Pokeman Cards, Shopkins, and other small items that are sometimes traded are considered toys, and can be problematic. When they are traded students may be remorseful of the trade. Small items are easily lost. Sometimes if students have similar items, there is conflict when confusions arise.

Toys, and other items brought into school, cannot be kept as secure as they are at home. We do not want to see any child distressed over a toy not being respectfully cared for, or lost. All of these issues can cause considerable classroom distractions.

Please keep non-recess toys at home. If your child wants to bring a toy to after school care, please make sure it is secured in the backpack and stays there during the school day.

If there is a special event where students may bring an item to school for one day, such as a stuffed animal for a writing prompt or picnic, you will be notified.

We strive to provide a productive, happy environment for all children to learn and grow. Your cooperation with these issues will help us do that. Thank you for your help.

If you have questions, please contact Ben Loi, Principal, or Ralene St. Pierre, Assistant Principal.


Ralene St. Pierre,
Assistant Principal

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