All Hooksett Schools will have a 2 hour start delay with no morning Kindergarten on, Tuesday, January 22nd, 2019
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Thanks for Your Patience!

Thank you for your patience this afternoon!

Ensuring our approximately 450 students take the appropriate mode of transportation home is a daunting task.  We take great lengths to ensure this happens, but this extra attention takes a little extra time.  If your child took longer to arrive home, this is why.

We can assure you, however, that each day the routine will become more established and we will all become more efficient.  We find that this process will take approximately 10 school days.

To help us reach our peak of efficiency, please be sure to let us know how your child will be getting home each day as soon as you can.  If there are any changes to your regular routine, please let us know in the form of a note and send it in with your child.  If there is an unforeseen change in plans, please call us as soon as possible (623-7233), preferably before 1:30, so we can be sure to make all the necessary adjustments.

Have a great afternoon!

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