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Image of Parking lot with snow

Snow Fallout at Underhill

Dear Underhill Families,

With the abundance of snow this winter, parking at Underhill School has become even more tight than it typically is.  Parking spaces are limited and visibility is compromised.  For the safety of our students, their siblings and parents, we ask that you pay attention to all traffic laws and etiquette when you are parking in and around our building.  Please park in marked parking spaces or around the perimeter of the lot and NOT in the fire lane next to the building.  If you do park around the edge of the lot, please ensure that cars can move around you.  We ask that you have patience as we wait for the snow to melt and spring to come.  Until then, let’s be sure we bear the brunt of this accumulation of snow together happily!


J. Andrew Bairstow, Principal

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