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Amazing Progress: Underhill School Reading Challenge

Fred C. Underhill students have been challenged to read 100,000 minutes over the course of 4 weeks, March 16th-April 10th.  Our amazing students logged an outstanding total of 31,519 minutes in just one week.  At this pace, our total will be approximately 126,000 minutes.  They are on track to shatter last year’s results of 121,000 minutes.  Below are the grade by grade results:

Kindergarten: 9,304

Grade 1: 12,399

Grade 2: 9816

Keep on Reading so we can meet the challenge!  We’ll be voting to determine Mr. Bairstow’s stunt over the course of the reading challenge.


Featured in the Photo Above: Mrs. Baldoumas’s class is our most prolific class this week amassing 2,460 minutes.  These two students are her class’s top readers!

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