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Image of student highlighting a flier

Hurt Foot at Underhill School…and Oozing Goo!


Mrs. Vilela’s Approach to Spelling Patterns:

Students in Mrs. Vilela’s class were busy learning the /oo/ sound spelling in their decodables today.  /oo/ can make two different sounds, the sound you hear in “Hurt Foot” and “Oozing Goo“.  As you can see in this picture, he is highlighting the word “Good”, one of the many “Hurt Foot” sounds found in this reader.  After searching for these sounds in the reader, students will read the story, then answer questions based on the content.  They do this independently while Mrs. Vilela works with small groups of students groups of students for specific or targeted instruction.

For all parents interested in learning the alphabet, long vowel sounds and the many spelling patterns your children are learning in school, and to be able to practice them with your children, click here for our Underhill Chants.  They are a fun and enjoyable way for students to learn these important sounds!




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