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Image of patch for garden at Underhill

Our Learning Habitat: First Step Complete

Thank you to Todd Ranier and Ron Dion for helping Underhill School complete the first step in the construction of our Learning Habitat.  Mr. Rainier donated his effort and energy and rototilled the space the Habitat will occupy.  Mr. Dion was generous enough to donate the use of his rototiller.  Todd and Ron, your thoughtfulness and generosity will be noted by years of parents, students and faculty for years to come!

This was just the first step of many, but donations and a desire to help has really picked up in the recent days.  We are still looking for a number of items.  If you are at all interested in either participating in the landscaping process or donating items, please contact Drew Bairstow or Karen Landsman.  We have included a list of items below.


Materials List:

  • Sta-Green Recycled Landscape Fabric: 5-6 Rolls
  • Shredded Bark Mulch: 10 cubic yards
  • Garden Edging Material: 40 feet
  • Hose: 100 feet Sprinkler
  • 6 Window Boxes


  • 4 Lilacs
  • 4 Butterfly Bushes
  • 4 Butterfly Weeds
  • 4 Beebalm
  • 10 Cone Flowers
  • 6 Black Eyed Susans
  • 6 Shasta Daisy
  • 6 Lupine
  • 4 Salvia
  • 4 Phlox


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