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Underhill Updates – February

Underhill Families,

A few issues have come to our attention and we would like to address them with all Underhill families. We are halfway through the school year and friendships have been formed, students are learning to play and learn together in groups large and small. With that also comes conflicts as children grow and mature and friendships change. Conflicts may arise that are difficult for young children to understand and work through. Our students are learning how to navigate such situations and are doing a great job!


One issue we have been having relates to things brought to school and being traded. One of the problem items is Pokeman cards. Because of the amount of anguish students experience over the remorse of a trade, the Pokeman cards cannot come to school. They are not to be on the bus, in school, or in backpacks. Thank you to your attention to this matter. Maybe in the future we can look at changing this rule.  


Toys that are special should stay at home. We do have occasions where things can be brought to school, and students can bring appropriate playground toys. However, sometimes mishaps happen in a school with many children and activities. Things that are special should stay safe at home.


Playground play has become very rough. Please explain to your child that hands and body must be kept to self here at school. When fun play starts to accelerate, and students start putting hands on each other, someone is often hurt. Yes, we all like to have fun. But we have a responsibility here to keep everyone safe, and that means enforcing playground rules and being “hands off.”

Thank you for packing the snow clothes and boots each day for recess. We know it is not easy to haul that gear to school. The playground conditions change, almost daily. Some days we do not need the gear, but it is good to have it if needed.


Our lost and found is overflowing with all sorts of things. If you have a chance to check it out, please come to school and look over the items on our stage. Before the first PE class at 9:20, or after the last class at 3:10 would be an ideal time.

Thank you for your attention to these matters. We all want to make Underhill a great place to be, so your children can be the best they can be.

Katherine McBride                                         Ralene St. Pierre

Principal                                                         Assistant Principal




-Primary Day, Tuesday, Feb. 9

-Presidents’ Day, Monday, Feb. 15

-Winter Break Feb. 22 – Feb 26



Parents only of Incoming kindergarten and first grade students (who did not attend K at Underhill) are invited to join us for Parent Information Night at 6:00 PM on Tuesday, February 16, here at Underhill.

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