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Archive | August, 2016

Bus Route Updates

Monday, August 29: Please review your child’s bus route on the Hooksett School District Transportation page as the busing company has made a few changes.

PickUp Patrol is coming to Underhill School

Starting September 1, 2016, we’ll be using a cloud-based application called PickUp Patrol to manage our after-school dismissals. This is a pilot program that Underhill School will be using for the 2016-2017 school year and it will not be available at the other Hooksett schools. Parents, please be on the lookout for a “Welcome to […]

Image of a school bus with text 2016-2017 bus routes

Bus Routes

The Bus Routes for the 16-17 school year are posted here and we encourage parents/guardians to look at them carefully as we have made changes to accommodate ridership numbers.  The High School routes are impacted the most by these changes but there are some changes to the elementary and middle school routes as well.

The New Morning Schools’ Before and After School Program

The New Morning Schools’ Before and After School Program is available for Hooksett Memorial School and Fred C. Underhill School students at Fred C. Underhill School. Hooksett Memorial School students will be bussed from the program at Fred C. Underhill School to Hooksett Memorial School in the morning for the start of the school day, […]