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Parent / Student Handbook and Other Information 8/25/17

Our Parent/Student Handbook contains important information you will need to know throughout the school year. The handbook covers all three schools in the Hooksett School District. It is available to view on our district website. Hard copies are also available at each of the three schools. Information from our handbook and other information for Underhill parents for the start of the school year is as follows:  

Birthday Celebrations
One of topics in the handbook relates to celebrating birthdays at school. We enjoy recognizing student birthdays here at Underhill. We request that additional festivities such as cakes, candy and balloons are enjoyed outside of school.  The handbook states, “Flower deliveries, balloons, and other surprises should not be delivered to the school. Do not send food to the classrooms.”

Relating to invitations, the handbook states, “In respect to all students, to protect privacy, and ensure safety and security, invitations to private parties cannot be distributed on school grounds. Staff cannot release the addresses and/or telephone numbers of our students.”

We make these requests in the best interests of all of our children and families. We greatly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Our students are very active here at Underhill. Shoes that are safe for running, climbing and walking the hallways among many other children, are the best choice.  For most students, sneakers are ideal.

Students have an opportunity to eat a snack at school. We encourage healthy snacks that can be consumed with ease.

Toys are a special part of being a child. However toys brought to school can be problematic as they are not as secure as they would be at home. Pokeman cards, and other kinds of item that are traded can also cause problems when a child regrets or does not understand trading. Please keep those special toys and trading cards/items at home.

Recess toys such as balls (no hardballs please) and jump ropes that are brought to school to be shared are welcome. Please make sure your child’s name is on the ball. Caution: some balls end up over the fence, and retrieving them is often difficult or not possible.  We are not responsible for lost toys.

We strive to ensure every child has a positive experience here at Underhill. We welcome feedback relating to anything that may enhance our school environment.

More specific information can be found in our handbook. You will also be receiving information relating to classroom procedures and academics from your child’s classroom teacher.

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