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Traffic and Safety 8/25/17

Traffic and Safety Procedures

Parent Drop-Off
Parent Drop-Off is behind the school, at the blacktop area of the playground. Please drive carefully through the faculty parking lot, which is on the hard right when entering school grounds. Cars should stay in single file. (If you arrive early and are waiting, please do not let your car idle, as this causes an air quality issue for those classrooms at the back of the building.) Please follow the procedure by dropping your child off from your car at the back of the school. This ensures student safety. If you must bring your child into the school, please park in the visitor parking lot (to the left of the building). You will need to check in at the office if going beyond the front doors.

Personal vehicles are not allowed in the bus loading area, in front of the school, during the loading and unloading times.

Parent Pick-Up
Please park in the visitor parking lot to the left of the school and proceed to the gym doors which are located on that side of the building. As classes are held until 3:10, we cannot open the doors until after that time. We ask that parents form a line and a staff member will approach you to check you in. You will need an ID until our staff is familiar with you. Students will then be dismissed to the person picking them up.

If you need someone to pick up your child who has not been previously designated to do so, you will need to contact us. We will need identification from the person doing the pick-up.


Entering the School
Anyone entering the school will need to report to the office. If you are here for an appointment with a staff member or meeting, you will sign in and be given a visitor pass. The pass must be visible while you are in the building.  The Parent/Student Handbook states, “We respectfully request that parents do not visit classrooms between 8:35 am and 3:40 pm (at Underhill and Memorial) unless prearranged with the classroom teacher.”

We appreciate your cooperation with keeping our students safe.

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