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Art Jam Bridge Fest Graphic

Art Jam Bridge Fest

Greetings from the Art Room!
The Artists at the Underhill School have created paper butterflies that have been included in an exhibit at the ART JAM BRIDGE FEST,
Saturday 10am – 3pm
in Manchester. The information below explains the details of the day and the significance of the butterfly display. We are all very excited to be part of this creative assembly.

Hope to see you there!
Annie White, Art Teacher


On September 23, 2017, Art Jam Bridge Fest in Manchester will launch an expressive and interactive arts festival; an all-day event celebrating Manchester’s art community. The public will witness the creative process on canvas, in chalk,, in music, dance, and spoken word all while recognizing the impact the region’s drug addiction crisis is having on the community. A portion of funds raised at this event will be donated to various organizations working to battle addiction. Our partner in this effort is Granite United Way.

The event’s organizers also want to spread a message of hope. One way to do this is through a shared project – such as aiming to set a Guinness World Record!

Butterflies represent hope. Imagine thousands of paper butterflies in one location, each artfully decorated by its maker, to illustrate the message of the day! Our display at Art Jam Bridge Fest could set the first-ever world record for the largest collection of paper-crafted butterflies.

All butterflies will be displayed at the corner of Bridge and Elm Streets in Manchester on September 23, 2017. Every child will have a free ticket for themselves and one parent/guardian.

For more information visit:

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