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Underhill Students Write “Deliciously Healthy” Newsletter!

Student Reporters Ismael Bautista, Ella Bono, Kyra Courtemanche, Emma Polyukovich, Maggie Roy, and Jake Soucy worked together to generate Underhill’s first issue of Deliciously Healthy.  Guided by teachers Danette Noboa and Marylou Donahoe, students interviewed our school nurse, Cindy Libby, and surveyed their peers to find a food preference.  Click this link to read installment #1 […]

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Math in Focus Training for Underhill

Throughout the week of 1/12-1/14, Underhill teachers received Math in Focus training from Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt presenter Jessica Kaminiski.  The focus of the sessions revolved around strategies for developing fact fluency, developing high quality lessons, and overall support for the second year of the program’s implementation.

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Cawley and Underhill Partnership

Providing real world relevance for our students makes learning meaningful.  Through a simple interaction between three teachers in two different schools, Cawley students experienced real world relevance and Underhill students gained some sitting space! Mrs. Noboa was looking for different seating opportunities for her students. She approached Mr. Trimmer at Cawley to see if his […]

Digital Citizenship

Media Specialist Karen Landsman works with all or our students at Underhill School.  Recently, her grade 1&2 students have been focusing on Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship.  Media Literacy is the process of accessing, analyzing, evaluating, and creating information and then interacting with others using media.  Digital Citizenship relates to the manner in which an individual interacts with […]

Image of how to stay safe on the internet letter

Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship

Mrs. Landsman has been working with first and second grade classes to learn about staying safe on the Internet, and how to use computers and devices responsibly. These are important issues for 21st century students, and adult guidance is important to develop good technology habits starting now. Please take time to talk to your child […]

Image of student making a Q in sand

PreSchool: Letters, Letters, Letters

Here is a favorite activity for letter formation and identification. This multisensory approach is based on the belief that children learn best when the material they are given is presented in different modalities. Here we are using what we see (visual), touch (tactile) and movement (kinesthetic). You can try this at home! Just place a […]

Meet Your Teacher Day Survey

In an effort to be as family friendly as possible, we are seeking feedback regarding your family’s “Meet Your Teacher Day” experience.  Please complete the form below to provide your input. Thank You! Click Here If You Cannot See The Survey Below Loading…

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Second Grade Life Cycle Research

Second graders spent much of the month of May researching the life cycle of a butterfly.  They used many resources and various media to answer their questions about the life of our favorite spring insect.  They even observed the life cycle firsthand in their classrooms, but released them before their two week adult lifespan came […]

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See Science Center Visits the First Grade

  The SEE Science Center came to Underhill to demonstrate a variety of science experiments for the first graders. They learned about the scientific process, probability, combustion, and chemical reactions. The students’ science vocabulary was enhanced with terms such as catalyst, evaporation, and molecules. Many thanks to the PTA for making this in-house field trip […]