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Maryann Boucher

Letter to the Boucher Bunch!

To the Boucher Bunch Throughout the Decades,

It’s with an elevated heart and overwhelming JOY that I thank the children of the Boucher Bunch, past and present, for allowing me to be their teacher throughout the past 3 decades. I have been blessed beyond measure to have all of you in my bunch! You are, without doubt, the most awe-inspiring humans on the planet!!

  • We learned collectively.
  • We sang loudly.
  • We danced happily.
  • We played enthusiastically.
  • We loved deeply.
  • We cried gently.
  • We laughed heartily.

Thank you again and again and again for being part of my love story with teaching.

Boucher Bunch Families, Thank you for sharing your precious children with me. It was an honor and privilege to partner with you throughout the years. You were always incredibly supportive and unfailing with your time.

Your Grateful Teacher & Retiree,

Mrs. Boucher

Letter to the Boucher Bunch!

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