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Volunteer Opportunities

Fred C. Underhill School benefits from volunteer support in all aspects of our school environment.  Volunteers provide academic support and enrichment, clerical help, and offer numerous school activities.  Underhill Volunteers include parents, students, and community members.  They send positive messages to children – that they are valued and that hands-on service matters.

 Below are specific examples of the volunteerism alive at Underhill School.  Various Builders Club and NJHS students were transported from Cawley School to Underhill this year in an attempt to forge a symbiotic relationship between the two schools.  Cawley students assisted teachers in end of the school day tasks, practiced math facts, sight words, and various other skill building drills during their time at Underhill.  The connection with the Foster Grandparents Program provided us with several wonderful women.  All helped consistently throughout the school year in our endeavor to foster a caring and nurturing learning environment.  Volunteer Coordinator Georgette Peltak recruited community members to help clean the flower beds in the front of our school and supervise recesses and lunches.  We ran two food drives to support the Hooksett Food Pantry.  Between the November PTA Food Drive and the June Food Drive operated by Mrs. Noboa’s second grade class, we as a school collected almost 2500 items.  Not only does this support our neighbors, but it provides a valuable lesson to students.

We will continue to encourage families and community members to participate and share their talents with us, as we truly do believe it “takes a village to raise a child.”

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