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Fred C. Underhill

IMG_0686Fred C. Underhill had been a long time official in the former Merchants National Bank of Manchester while maintaining his legal residence on Martin Ferry Road in Hooksett. He was never known to own an automobile, preferring to rely on other forms of transportation. There were a number of residents that swore they could set their clocks or watches to a certain time when Fred went by on his way to the electric cars when they were operating and later on his way to the buses. Fred carried a bag that usually contained his lunch, a notary seal and such papers as he had brought home to work on the night before. His fondness for children was apparent, and whenever he attended any gatherings where children were present, he would give out shining new pennies to the children.

When it came time to consider a substantial expansion of the Hooksett School System, Fred donated a 22 acre tract of land on the Martin’s Ferry Road to the Hooksett School District and a modern ten room school was erected thereon. The school was dedicated on November 30, 1958. It was named the “Fred C. Underhill School”. 

Fred C. Underhill died January 29, 1961 and was buried beside his wife in Martin’s cemetery near the place where he had lived so many years.